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Welcome to Their Growth Foundation (TGF), an organization rooted in personal experiences, unwavering dedication to family values, and a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of our youth. I, Kawame Curry Sr., founded TGF in January 2021, drawing from my journey as a single father to eight children - six sons and two daughters - and a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20+ years of experience.


The inception of TGF lies in the rich life lessons I imparted to my children from my ventures and past jobs, specifically in the pivotal fields of graphic design, web design, sales, and marketing. I observed the profound impact of these skills on my children's growth and realized the potential of extending these opportunities to our community's children. Thus, TGF aims to equip these young minds with tools that can light up their paths towards a brighter future.


At the heart of TGF is a passion ignited by my experiences as a parent, an entrepreneur, and an active community member. One of my businesses, KEEPSAKE CREATIVE, specializes in providing custom obituaries, memorial movies, and more to grieving families. This venture has brought me face-to-face with the heart-wrenching impact of losing our young brothers and sisters to violence. Through lending an empathetic ear, offering kind words, and providing support, I've fostered enduring connections with these families, truly understanding the depth of their loss.


A devastating incident that left an indelible mark on me occurred in April 2022, when a mass shooting in downtown Sacramento claimed six lives. Overwhelmed by this tragedy in my own city, my daughter and I took it upon ourselves to design and print all the obituaries for the grieving families. This experience, along with countless others, has underscored the importance of our mission at TGF.


The horrifying incident that nearly claimed the life of my 15-year-old son, Kawame Curry Jr., at his high school, further fuels my commitment to this cause. The urgent need to steer our youth towards respect for life, discipline, and a promising future has never been more apparent.


TGF is also a homage to my late father, Lt. Colonel Floyd Curry Jr., whose exemplary life as a dedicated father and distinguished officer in the US Air Force has been a beacon for my own journey. His values of dedication, service, and hard work, combined with the experiences I've gained while supporting families dealing with loss and tragedy, are the driving forces behind TGF.


As we prepare for the launch of our program in February 2024, we are deeply grateful for your support in all its forms. Your donations, time, and involvement will directly contribute to the growth and success of TGF, enabling us to secure facilities, equipment, and transportation for our participating youth.


Join us on this mission to uplift, inspire, and guide the future leaders of our community. Together, we can make a lasting impact, creating a brighter tomorrow for our children, for your children, for all children.



Kawame Curry Sr.

Founder, Their Growth Foundation

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