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Make a Difference: Support Their Growth Foundation Today


Your contribution to Their Growth Foundation (TGF) creates a brighter future for minority youth and strengthens our communities. By donating, partnering with us, volunteering, or becoming a mentor, you directly impact the lives of young people eager to succeed in entrepreneurship and related fields.


Individuals: Your support helps develop the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, and community leaders. As a mentor or volunteer, you can share your knowledge and experience, inspiring and guiding our youth towards their dreams.


Small Businesses: Partnering with TGF offers opportunities to nurture local talent, foster a spirit of community, and enhance your brand image by showcasing your commitment to social responsibility. By mentoring, your business can help shape the future workforce and contribute to the local economy.


Corporations: Align your organization with a meaningful cause and demonstrate your dedication to empowering minority youth. Your partnership with TGF offers increased brand exposure, access to a diverse talent pool, and the chance to be a part of a network of like-minded businesses and organizations.


Every donation, partnership, and volunteer effort brings us closer to breaking the cycle of poverty and limited opportunities for minority youth. Together, we can ignite the untapped potential of a generation and create a lasting impact.


Take action today: Donate, partner, volunteer, or become a mentor with Their Growth Foundation. Help us empower minority youth to reach their full potential and build a legacy of opportunity, empowerment, and success.



Make check or money order payable to Their Growth Foundation

Their Growth Foundation

5716 Folsom Blvd Ste 219

Sacramento, CA 95819

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