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tgf program & curriculum

Their Growth Foundation's immersive multi-week program offers comprehensive skills training and education in entrepreneurship and related fields, preparing minority youth for success in a competitive business landscape. Our curriculum covers: * Entrepreneurship Fundamentals * Financial Literacy (budgeting, finances, and credit) * Starting a Business * Brand Development * Intellectual Property (Trademarks and Copyrights) * Graphic & Web Design * Building Corporate Partnerships * Broadcasting, Filming, Directing, and Writing * Paid Internship Opportunities Upon completing TGF's multi-week program, students receive a Business Starter Pack, including: * Up to $1000 towards starting their business * Custom logo, business cards, and website (a $2,000 value) sponsored by KOCI Graph-X & Media Group * Custom-branded apparel package (a $450 value) sponsored by KOCI Clothing Co. * Additional resources provided by corporate partners TGF Curriculum: 1. Entrepreneurship Fundamentals: Exploring the foundations of entrepreneurship, including social entrepreneurship, product-based businesses, and service-based businesses. 2. Financial Literacy: Mastering personal finance tools, budgeting, and credit management, and understanding their role in business success. 3. Brand Development: Crafting a strong brand identity through effective marketing, advertising, and promotional strategies. 4. Marketing and Advertising: Designing and executing a marketing plan that attracts customers and cultivates loyalty using both digital and traditional media. 5. Business Law Basics: Navigating contract law, intellectual property rights, trademarks, and copyrights. 6. Digital Media: Learning graphic and web design tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, or Canva to create professional marketing materials and websites. 7. Sales Strategies: Developing effective sales techniques, lead capture, and customer relationship management for a successful sales process. 8. Starting a Business: Covering essential steps, from ideation and business planning to product development and scaling. 9. Building Corporate Partnerships: Establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with corporate partners and understanding partnership structures and operations. 10. Broadcasting and Media: Acquiring skills necessary for a professional career in broadcasting, filming, directing, and writing. Their Growth Foundation is committed to offering a well-rounded, impactful curriculum that empowers our mentees to excel in entrepreneurship and create lasting change in their communities. We continuously seek feedback and suggestions to enhance our program and better serve the needs of our participants.

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